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Safety Academy for Construction Seminars OSHA 30
OSHA Training

Construction Safety Training

Most Popular Safety Training Seminars

Basic Rigging OSHA 10
Boom Truck OSHA 30
Chain Saw Safety Scaffolding
Excavation Tractor Loader Backhoe
Fall Protection Traffic Control & Flagging
Forklift See Complete Course List
Customized Safety Classes Available and Encouraged.

OSHA Safety Training

Safety Academy for Construction Seminars has over 35 years experience helping your workers prevent injuries with our OSHA and construction safety training courses. Customized classes are welcome and encouraged.

OSHA 10 Hour Training
Construction and General Industry Outreach Safety Training

This OSHA safety training covers OSHA policies, procedures, and standards, as well as construction safety and health principles. The course will review the scope and application of the OSH Act and General Duty Clause, as well as examine areas that are most hazardous.
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OSHA 30 Hour Training
Construction and General Industry Outreach Safety Training

This expanded OSHA safety training goes into greater depth regarding the OSHA standards, their scope and application. It teaches participants the safety requirements for construction activities including scaffolds, rigging, electrical, ladders, fall protection, excavations, cranes, hazard communication personal protective equipment and other topics.
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Tractor Loader Backhoe Training

Tractor Loader Backhoe

The tractor loader backhoe is the most versatile piece of heavy equipment used today. As such it is also the most dangerous. Our three day backhoe training provides workers with the basic skills to operate the tractor loader backhoe in a safe and efficient manner. Topics include: Overall operation, Pre–shift inspection, Startup, Setup, Loader use and Excavation with the backhoe.
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Traffic Control & Flagging

Upon completion of this course, participants will be certified in both traffic control and flagging. Course covers the regulations of Title 8 CCR1598 (traffic control) and 1599 (flagging) which conforms to regulation CAMUTCD. Course teaches students the proper methods of flagging as the many aspects of traffic control, from advance warning signage, transitions (tapers), activity area and termination.
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Forklift Training

Strict new OSHA rules require that all forklift operators be trained to a specific standard. Our one day forklift training covers all of the required training and skills called for by Federal and California OSHA. Operators receive classroom and hands–on training in the proper techniques for operating a forklift.
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Excavation Safety/Competent Person

When you assign a Competent Person to each excavation project, be confident they know the duties and responsibilities of that position. Our one day, hands–on seminar provides knowledge and information on OSHA’s excavation safety regulations, how to do soil classification, proper use of shores and how to evaluate excavation site conditions on an ongoing basis to ensure that workers are protected from cave–ins.
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Chain Saw Safety Training

Chain Saw

The chain saw is an important tool for many organizations. Chain saws are deceptively simple…and dangerous to operate. Workers often do not have a proper understanding of the dangers. Our one day chain saw safety training provides comprehensive instruction in its safe and efficient operation, as well as the care and maintenance required to keep it in good operating condition, including chain sharpening.
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Basic Rigging

Do your workers use boom trucks, mobile cranes or field service cranes to lift materials and equipment. Do they know how to properly rig these items to prevent injury or damage. Our one day basic skills rigging class will provide them with that knowledge.
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Fall Protection/Competent Person

Fall protection is an often misunderstood and often neglected skill in the workplace. This one day seminar covers the use of active, as well as, passive and alternate fall protection methods. Students handle and work with components of various types of fall protection systems.
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Scaffolding/Competent Person

A frequent source of OSHA violations, scaffolds come in many types, shapes and sizes. This one day seminar covers the various types of scaffolding and the relevant OSHA regulations. Special attention is given to interpretation and application for real world situations.
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Boom Truck (Utility Crane)


The smallest of the mobile cranes, Boom Trucks are found in a wide variety of organizations, both public and private. During our two day seminar users learn the basic skills of safely and efficiently operating the Boom Truck. In addition, we cover the basics of rigging and load calculation.
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Complete List of Construction Safety Trainings

Tractor Loader Backhoe – 3 days
Boom Truck (Utility Crane) – 2 days
Forklift – 1 day
Heavy Equipment Workshop – 3 days
    – (Backhoe, Dozer, Roller, Excavator)
Aerial Lift – 1 day
Basic Rigging – 1 day
Crane Management – 2 hours
Traffic Control – 1 day
Scaffold Competency – 1 day
Fall Protection Competency – 1 day
Chainsaw – 1 day
Competent Person: Excavation – 1 day

Below Ground Locator:

  • Basic Utility Locating – 4 days
  • Intermediate Locating – 2 days
  • Better Locating Workshop – 1 day
  • In field Assessment – 1 day

Confined Space Rescue – 3 days
Confined Space Awareness – 1 day
Lockout/Tag Out/Electric Safety – 4 hours
OSHA 30 Outreach Course – 4 days
OSHA 10 Outreach Course – 1 day
    – Or 2 days, 8 AM–1:30 PM First Aid/CPR – 6–7 hours
Blood Borne Pathogens – 2 hours
Compressor/Air Tools – 1 day
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